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Communication Festival 2015 - Faculty of Communication Sciences University Gunadarma

Faculty of Communication Sciences Gunadarma University organizes Communication Festival 2015, the event in collaboration with one of the national TV stations, ANTV. This event took place over two days, on 4-5 November 2015 at auditorium of Campus Depok Gunadarma University. The event consists of a series of citizen journalism workshop which took place on October 4, 2015 and a national seminar with the theme Youth Leadership. Culture and Youth and National Competitiveness in the Era of the ASEAN Community on October 5, 2015. In addition, there is also a photo exhibition held in the hall of building 4, the 1st floor and the 6th floor.

In a workshop on the topic "Citizen Journalism quiz" there are four speakers from ANTV crew :
1. Risya Marhamila (Chief human capital, GS, and Corp.Communication Officer ANTV)
2. Yohannes Eko Wahyu Ardiyanto (Senior Manager News and Current Affairs ANTV)
3. Angghi Mulya Ma'mur (Manager Current Affair ANTV)
4. Sang Nyoman Sidan Simbara (Supervisor Camera Person ANTV)
The workshop participants are given the knowledge related to the broadcasting world and how to make reporting news by the speakers. Participants were divided into 10 groups, each group was given the task to create news also makes yells that will be displayed by them. The event took lively, especially the reported news made by the participants then competed in the race video journalism. Reporting news judged on creative ideas are also how to take a good picture.
In addition to workshops, the festival is celebrated with ANTV program Got Talent On Campus (presenter open casting). ANTV invites dare to realize the dream become a presenter. Although the presenter profession closely related to the faculty of communication, but the casting is open to all students and alumni of UG. The presence of participants make the event festive.
The event on the 2nd day of the festival is the seminar held at the Auditorium D46. Faculty of Communication Sciences held a seminar with the theme "Youth, Culture and National Competitiveness in the Age Communities Asean". The theme is very interesting, considering the nation's progress visible yardstick of quality of youth and culture as successor and heritage. The seminar presented the speakers:
1. Ir. Ananto Kusuma Seta MSc (expert staff Mendikbud Sector Innovation and Competitiveness)
2. Heni Sri Sundani, BSEM (Socialprenuer: The originator of the Child Movement of Farmers Smart)
3. Dr. Nuryati Samatan (Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences UG).

The participants seemed enthusiastic with the material provided by the speakers, as evidenced by some interesting questions that are asked of participants to the speakers. Especially at the end of the seminar, Chairman of the Committee Ir. Kiayati Yusriah MM. M.ikom announced the winners of the video contest of photography and journalism as well the distribution of prizes to the winners.

With the end of the national seminar, then ended the series of events Gunadarma Communication Festival. Event activities that took place during the two days is certainly very interesting. With the expectations of the participants were able to add science activities, information and explore potentials. This communication Festival events will be held every year as an annual event held by the Faculty of Communication.