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National Seminar on CyberPsychology: Opportunities and Challenges in Technology Utilization

On Friday, April 6, 2018 the Master Program of Psychology held a National Seminar on CyberPsychology: Opportunities and Challenges in Technology Utilization at the Simatupang campus. The seminar was conducted in conjunction with the visit of Master Program of Psychology of University of Medan Area.


This seminar presents three speakers namely Prof. Dr. Sri Milfayetti, MS., Kons., S.Psi. from the University of Medan Area, Dr. Wahyu Rahardjo, M.Si and Dr. dr. Mastrissya Hermita, M.Si from Gunadarma University. The seminar was moderated by Dr. Dian Kemala Princess from Gunadarma University. Rector of Gunadarma University Dr. E. S. Margianti., SE. MM delivered his speech at once opened the seminar and subsequently signed MOU cooperation with the University of Medan Area by prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan, M.Sc, M.Eng as the rector of Medan Area University.


The first speakers discussed Creative Art in Psychology Intervention as well as practicing Creative Visualization with all seminar participants. The second resource person discussed the topic of Cyberpsychology: Opportunities and Challenges of Research in Indonesia where the role of man is still greater than technology. The third speaker discussed the theme of Toward Industrial Revolution 4.0: An Initial Collaborative Works of ICT and Psychology and featured several psychology-related applications.


Participants of the seminar consisted of psychology students of Medan Area University, invited lecturers and students of master psychology Gunadarma University.


After the seminar, the next activity is to visit Campus H Kelapa Dua.