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Economics Doctoral Thesis Defence of Teddy Oswari and Misdiono

Learning from the frequent occurrence of banking financial leakages in Indonesia, no doubt this is a weakness of the banking supervision system for this to happen. Bank of Indonesia must make a breakthrough and create a more accurate model of supervision, taking into account other factors that had been poised to give effect to the behavior of owners / managers in the banking produce of inappropriate policies, and still create a gap to play in the gray area.

The emergence of dozens of cases in the Indonesian banking sector within a period of 15 years, making the public confused as the owner of the funds because all directed at a political settlement. Century Bank case is returned to the example problems hanging because no clear policy direction, so in the Thesis Defence of Doctoral Program in Economic Science on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Dr. Teddy Oswari convey that the role of credit risk management systems in improving organizational performance in an appropriate contextual situation that is competitive strategy, environment, culture and organizational structure as a factor / contextual variables by exploring the literature.

In this research, expected to explain and give an idea of the importance of the role of interactions between variables of contingency and credit risk management systems in an effort to improve organizational performance in this case is the banking system. Researchers formulate research approach model by adopting a framework of research Yasukata and Kobayashi (2001).

In the second session, Dr. Misidono in his study tried to reveal patterns and phenomena characteristic of the relationship between stock price-volume trade in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. A total of 25 companies selected for penenlitian sampled observations with stock price data which consist of an opening price, closing price, maximum price /higher  and the lowest minimum price and volume of stock trading in weekly observations during the 2004-2009 period. Companies are grouped into five categories: food business group, a group of textile, automotive group, property group, and the banking group. The results obtained, in which some parts show the existence of price clustering on the particular company and the group supported the idea of the meaning and content of information in trading volume and absolute price difference there is the influence of group should we follow the highest and lowest prices on the trading volume.

Expected from the results of both studies can contribute to society.