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improve College competitiveness in face of labor market and mediation requirement of world accupation and effort

Activity of Economic Competition and Career Days 2008 is an academic event performed by Faculty Of Economics with theme improve College competitiveness in face of labor market and mediation requirement of world accupation and effort. This event take place from 6 up to 9 August 2008 at Campus D University of Gunadarma.
Activity form which executed in Economic Competition cover Final of KNPM Regional storey Level of DKI Jakarta 2008 and Economic Career Days, and also Blogging Competition Capital Market Game Zone. Execution Of Competition National Capital Market ( KNPM) Regional Storey Level of DKI Jakarta year 2008 which work along with PT. Indostock take place on 8 - 9 August 2008 have place in Building of IV 6th floor Campus D University of Gunadarma, Jl. Margonda Raya 100 Depok. Competition National Capital Market ( KNPM) is one of activity of routine which was always followed by Faculty Of Economics student of UG.
Other activity which is also executed by management is Career Days event with aim to assist Faculty Of Economics grad of UG in entering world work and improve absorptivity of grad in industry, collected and deliver consumer of grad of industrial circle to be directly interaction. Benefit and role of Career Days manifestly for grad and company of consumer of grad among others is 1) Jobseeker apply for more than one company in one place and time 2) company get the amount of appropriate applicants of qualification swiftly and cost effective regular recruitment. Execution of activity of the Career Days executed on 6 - 9 August 2008.
Other activity which do not less important namely Blogging Competition Capital Market Game Zone and aim to improve ability of Faculty Of Economics student in the field of Capital Market and ability in the field of Information Technology. This Network Activity cover making competition and development of blog, and also race quickly precisely Online Capital Market which followed by entire university student of Gunadarma. This Activity is executed to start 29 July 2008 up to 5 August 2008.
On Saturday 9 August 2008, at 09.00 WIB performed a Final of Beauty Regional Contest KNPM Storey Level of DKI Jakarta 2008 , with commisioned grand jury is Mr. Imam of Murtono Soenhadji, Phd as grand jury chief and Ir. Dian N Subekti from Indostock and also Mr. Ir. Riskayanto, MM. as member. With participant of Final of Beauty Contest KNPM 2008 that is : Kasepto Citlian, Yanuar Palimo, Ratih Tunjung Utami and Novita Indrianingsih from University of Gunadarma and also Henry of Sidarta from University Bina Nusantara.
Furthermore at 13.00 WIB a Talc of Show performed started with Chief Committee report represented by Mr. Sudaryono, SE., MM. and continued with greeting by Dean Faculty Of Economics University of Gunadarma Mr. Drs. Cahyo Dwinurti, MM and as an opener of Talc event of Show is Assistant Of Rector IV Mr. Dr. Didin Mukodim, MM.

Talc of Show with theme " Opportunity of Career in Capital Market Area" this represent resource person Mr. Taufiq Rochman of PT. Effect Exchange Indonesia and Mr. Ir. Riskayanto, MM. of Institute Development Of Management University of Gunadarma. and act as moderator is Mr. Budi Prijanto, SE., MM.
As event culminate from Talc of Show is announcement of winner of KNPM 2008 Regional storey level of DKI Jakarta submitted by Mr. Imam Murtono Soenhadji Phd. with champion sequence of I is Yanuar Palimo, champion 2 Henry of Sidarta, champion 3 Kasepto Citlian and also champion 4 Ratih Tunjung Utami. Afterwards is announcement of winner of Race of Blog and of Gamezone by Mr. Imam Prijanto, SE., MM. A prize of race of Blog given by Mrs. Dr. Masodah and winner of race of gamezone given by Mr. Sudaryono, SE., MM.