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International Seminar: Education Does It Matter? How to Become Good Teachers!

Gunadarma University, Friday (09/05/2014), organized International Seminar with the topic “Education Does It Matter? How to Become Good Teachers!”. The seminar took place at Auditorium Gunadarma University, Kampus Depok (D460) started at 9 AM and attended by the teachers and students of senior high schools and also lecturers and students of Gunadarma University. The seminar was officially opened by Dr. Rita Sutjiati as Head of Literature and Language Lab of Gunadarma University as a chairman of this seminar. Then, giving speech by the rector of Gunadarma University, Dr. E. S. Margianti, SE., MM.

After the opening, the morning event continued with a presentation session from two speakers, Martha Spears dan Karl Millsom. The first speaker, Martha Spears from Australia. Through the topic, Martha Spears explained and discussed various things related to the education on why it was so important to the participants and also how to become good both teachers and students, then the differences of education held between Indonesia and Australia. The second speaker, Karl Millsom as an Academic Director on English Language Conversation (ELC) in Jakarta, Indonesia with moderator was Dr. Ichwan Suyudi from Gunadarma. Karl Millsom presented and discussed to the participants about the material on various issues related to the what education was, why it was so important and how to become good teachers. After the break of morning session presentation, then continued to the afternoon session presentation by Dr. Rita Sutjiati and next speaker was Dr. Muhammad Nazir Bin Amir from Greenview Secondary School, Singapura.

The seminar ended with giving of souvenirs to the speakers by Vice Rector I of Gunadarma University, Dr. Ravi Ahmad Salim and the distribution of certificates to the participants of the seminar by the committee.