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International Seminar on Smart City series of Anniversary 35 UG on campus Cengkareng

As the last series commemorating 35 years of Gunadarma University, organized an international seminar with the same theme with a series of before, namely the Smart City: ICT Support for National Economy and Competitiveness, held in the Auditorium Campus L2 Mutiara Taman Palem, Cengkareng Jakarta on August 11, 2016.

The event begins with a sing Indonesia Raya followed by screening a video presentation development 35 years Gunadarma University. Followed by a speech from Gunadarma University Rector Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE. MM. Followed by the exposure of the keynote speaker, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Ir. Arief Yahya, M.Sc, with the theme "Smart Tourism".

On this occasion was the signing of the MoU Gunadarma University with several associations in the field of tourism. Entertainment from the choir University Gunadarma more enliven the atmosphere. Cutting of tumpeng by UG Rector Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE., MM is also done as grateful 35th UG.

The seminar was moderated by Dr. Ichwan Suyudi. Moderator provided the first opportunity for Prof. Fabrice Merlaudeau from Universite de Bourgogne, UTP discusses the Smart Cities and Image Processing. The second speaker Nuria Soeharto, Sweden with the theme Information Literacy; City development. According to Ms. Nuria most important is the mental infrastructure in shaping the smart city. Proceed with Smart City, Jakarta, this theme is discussed by Dr. Ratiyono, Head of the Bureau of National Unity; Community Protection - Provincial Government of the Special Capital Territory of Jakarta.

On this occasion, Dr. Ratiyono played videos about issue Issues in Jakarta, some of which are illegal fees, lack of transparency, lack of public facilities, floods and more issue that in Jakarta. The fourth speaker, Samuel Samson, Alumni of the University Gunadarma (Indonesian Ambassador in Serbia). Followed by the speaker fifth, Tundra Meliala, Alumni of the University Gunadarma, he mentioned there are six indicators to build the smart city include smart economy, smart mobility, smart payroll, smart people, smart living and smart goverment, where smart goverment that will maximize employment policy government. On this occasion, Tundra Meliala said that if the already established smart city will become a smart nation.

The last speaker, Dr. Avinanta Tarin, Gunadarma University with the theme of Cyber Security Challenges in Building Smart City, said that "more and more value in the site then the attack even more and more coming to the related site". Dr. Avinanta Tarigan ended the presentation by stating that this security role requires us all.

Showing translation for Acara diakhiri dengan Pemberian cinderamata oleh Rektor Universitas Gunadarma kepada para pembicara dan pengambilan doorprise untuk para undangan, mahasiswa dan dosen Universitas Gunadarma.
Translate instead Acara diakhiri dengan Pemberian cindera mata oleh Rektor Universitas Gunadarma kepada para pembicara dan pengambilan doorprise untuk para undangan, mahasiswa dan dosen Universitas Gunadarma.
The event ended with a souvenir given by the Rector of Gunadarma University to the speaker and taking doorprise to the invitation, students and lecturers of the University Gunadarma.