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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Psychology : Musthofa and Nina Zulida Situmorang

Doctoral Program Gunadarma University conducted the 1st and 2nd doctoral thesis defence in Psychology which was held on the 28th of February 2012 at Gunadarma University Auditorium, Campus D, Jl. Margonda Raya, Pondok Cina, Depok.

The first Doctoral Candidate in this thesis defence was Musthofa who defended his thesis title "The Influence of Celebrity Endorser of Affective Evaluation on Candidate Advertisement with Financial Incetive as Mediation". The members of the thesis advisory committee were Prof. Dr. Djamaludin Ancok as Principal Advisor, Prof. Dr. Koentjoro, MBSc., Phd and Prof. Dr. A.M Heru Basuki as Co-Advisor. Doctoral candidate Musthofa examine the influence of the power problem that serves as a third-party endorser in the general election campaign ad. Given the reality of elections in Indonesia are faced with the fact that the lack of information volunteered to become a candidate for public office through the election mechanism. Related to this study attempts to examine the characteristics of endoser as a third party that may affect evaluation candidates.

The research is expected to find out the relationship that supports the process of assessing the candidates that are less deep, and can be a material consideration of the contribution of the electoral process in Indonesia that better reflect the will of the people as voters.

The second Doctoral candidate in this thesis defence was Nina Zulida Situmorang who defended her thesis title "Religiusitas influence, Optimism, Self-Efficacy and Balance The Family Work Roles of Women Leaders Subjective Happiness". The members of the thesis advisory committee were Prof. Dr. Djamaludin Ancok as Principal Advisor, Dr. Fathul Himam and Dr. Joseph Jangkung K as co-Advisor.

In her dissertation Doctoral Candidate Nina Zulida Situmorang said that one key to the success of women leaders is the high subjective happiness, if high levels of subjective happiness then they will show high ability in jobs and families while also being able to manage well. Therefore in this research tested whether the theoretical model of the factors that affect the happiness of the subject of women leaders in accordance with empirical data, how the influence of these factors on women leaders and what factors affect the dominant leader in women's subjective happiness.

The results showed that the conceptual model to explain the research properly and in accordance with empirical data. Most of the hypotheses are conceptualized by researchers in model equation is proven. variables that contribute the largest and has a direct impact on subjective happiness. Religiosity is also a direct influence positively to self-efficacy. Religiosity provides a positive indirect effect through work oeran optimism for the balance of the family. Optimism provides direct and indirect effects through self-efficacy on subjective happiness. Besides optimism also directly affect the balance of the role of family labor. Self-efficacy and balance the role of family work has not been proven berp [engaruh of subjective happiness.

Finally, based on the results of session senate, the Doctoral candidate Musthofa and Nina Zulida graduated with predicate satisfactory. Dr. Musthofa and Dr. Nina Zulida Situmorang is the first and second doctoral degree Doctor of Psychology at Gunadarma University.