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Psychological Approach in Learning with Multimedia and Cyberpsychology

On Weednesday(02/02), Gunadarma University has conducted a National Seminar of Psychology entitled “The Psychological Approaching Learning with Multimedia and Cyberpsychology" by presenting Prof. Jean-Michel Boucheix from Université de Bourgogne,  Prof. Stephane Bouchard from  Université du Québec en Outaouais and Dr. Seto Mulyadi as Keynote speaker.

The seminar was begun with a report by Prof. Dr. Yuhara Sukra, MSc as chairman committee and  welcome  note from the Rector of Gunadarma University Prof. Gunadarma. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE, MM. and opened by the Kopertis Coordinator for Region III Prof.Dr. Liza Mayuni, MA.

As keynote speaker, Dr. Seto Mulyadi said that the technology provides positive and negative impacts at the same time so that the user or users are the determinants of positive or negative impact from the use of the technology itself. Therefore it is necessary policies of all parties to provide feedback to users about the positive and negative aspects of technology, both in everyday technology (such as handphoned, etc.) as well as advanced technologies such as computers for the positive impact can be more optimized by the user and can negative impact eliminated.

Prof. Jean-Michel Boucheix was described the role of animation and simulation to optimize the multimedia program in learning based on research-based approach. Various techniques to understand how learners can understand the teaching materials through multimedia.  Example:  eye-tracking which was very useful to understand the focus of the learner during learning, so that the teaching materials can be processed by the learner more effectively. Various simulators as in the medical field is also a very useful approach in the high-risk learning process, such as in the practice of treating patients for young doctors in the emergency room.

Prof. Dr. Sarifuddin Madenda was representing Prof. Stephane Bouchard,  convey how psychology can collaborate with other discipline (eg. cognitive science, computer science and medical) as developed in the Departement de Psychoéducation et de Psychologie (Department of Psychoeducation and Psychology), Université du Québec en Outaouais - Canada. The virtual reality therapy as developed in UQO is a challenge for the Gunadarma University who has had several faculties from varied disciplines to collaborate and conduct interdisciplinary research. With the opening of the Doctoral Program of Psychology – Gunadarma University, the embryo of an interdisciplinary approach has already stated and hope it will develop to address future challenges.