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Seminar and Dissemination of KKA Beijing "China Civilization in Architecture and City"

On the day of Thursday, 27 June 2013, Study Program of Architectural Engineering conducted Seminar and Dissemination with the theme "China Civilization in Architecture and City" in Auditorium Gunadarma University, Building 4 Floor 6 Campus Depok from 08:00 to 13:00 WIB.

The first event began with a summary of the activities by the chairman (Mr. Agus Nugroho. ST., MT), following the opening ceremony by the Vice Rector 4, Prof. Dr.. Didin Mukodim, Seminar by Dr.. Ir. Ikaputra, M.Eng, UGM lecturer and practitioner in Architecture and Urban, who explained the City & Architecture as Our Laboratory and Learning From Beijing with questions and answers, study film excursion by Gunadarma Architectural Engineering students and winner announcement further presentation of PT. Nippon Paint and Fujitsu, and the last wass door prizes for participants.

Seminar and Dissemination of KKA Beijing-China 2013 was the event that summarized and presented the activities that have been completed done. The purpose of this event was to give students an idea directly to the development of architecture, urban and landscape which retains historical and cultural values, to train students to think critically and be sensitive to the problems of the built environment and its architectural context faced, contributed the realm of science architecture and development Gunadarma University majoring in Architectural Engineering.

Student participants KKA Beijing-China in 2013 were required to make the work of documentary objects that can describe their observations in Beijing appropriate grouping specified. On dissemination activities have 7 groups of students presented the results of their work in which each group consisted of 10 students. Seven groups selected from 3 groups as champions.

Participants of the seminar was attended by lecturers and students of the Study Program of Architectural Engineering Gunadarma University generally and some of the other majors.