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Seminar and Workshop PIKIN - PSIK Gunadarma University

Saturday, July 23, 2011 held at the campus auditorium Kenari Gunadarma University, Health Informatics Society of Indonesia (PIKIN) in collaboration with the Center for Medical Informatics Studies Unviersitas Gunadarma (PSIK-UG) held a workshop with the theme "Health Informatics Competencies / Medical Indonesia". The workshop has produced a general purpose mapping (tree / branch) the application of health / medical informatics based in Indonesia, with the aim of producing a road map in particular (generic) to the standard of competence and interest in health informatics curriculum. Six speakers from the competent institution also gave the donation his thinking, namely:

-Prof. Dr. dr. A. Benny Mutiara (vice-chairman of the University Gunadarma PIKIN) with the presentation title "Proposed Framework for Medical Informatics and Health Education Indonesia"
-Boga-Hardhana, SSI, MM (Center for Data and Information, Ministry of Health) with the title of the presentation "Health Informatics Competencies / Medical Indonesia"
-Ir. Heru Supriyatno, MM (Kasubdit Infrastructure, Ministry of Communications and Information) with the title of the presentation "Development of Health Informatics Competencies: Opportunities and Challenges"
-dr. Mahesa Pranadipa, MH (BP2KB Manager, the Indonesian Doctors Association / IDI) with the title of the presentation "Information System of the Indonesian Doctors Association"
-Ir. Zainal A. Hasibuan, MLS, PhD (vice-Informatics and Communications Technology Council National / DETIKNAS) with the presentation title "E-Health Indonesia"
-Dr. Ir. Eko Kuswardono Budiardjo, MSc (Computer Information Technology Professionals Association chairman Indonesia / IPKIN) with the title of the presentation "ICT Professional Competence in Health / Medicine"

The participants who attended the workshop consists of a variety of institutions associated with the informatics field of health / medicine, namely the RSCM, the Association of Professional Recorder Indonesia Medical and Health Information (PORMIKI), National Certification and Standardization Agency (BSN), PIKIN, KemKes, KemKomInfo, IPKIN , IDI, Indonesia Association of Dentist (PDGI).