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Seminar "International Financial Reporting Standard vs National Standard Statement Of Financial Accounting"

Study Program in Accounting, Faculty of Economics Gunadarma University organized a seminar with the topic " International Financial Reporting Standard of vs National Standard Statement of Financial Accounting" on Saturday, 7 June 2008 in Main Hall Building 4 Floor 6 Depok Campus of Gunadarma University.

This event conducted because free market already close by, that is in the year 2010 in all cleft a world of there’s only one global market, with global standard and order. It also applied to company financial reporting, Statement Of Standard Accountancy in Indonesia (PSAK) should be in harmony with International Financial Reporting Standard ( IFRS), a requirement concerning solution of change of accountancy standard toward IFRS. This Information create a requirement concerning solution of change of accountancy standard toward IFRS. Financial Accounting Standard of Board ( FASB) have commitment for the convergence of IFRS with United State General Accepted Accounting Standard ( GAAP). And So It Is With Council Standard Financial Accounting, Tying Accountancy Indonesia ( IAI) have coped convergence of IFRS with PSAK to fulfill " one global standard".

This seminar was started at 09:00 WIB with early report of Chief Committee, by Dr. Masodah, SE., MM. And continued greeting of Key Note Speaker by Prof. Dr. E. S. Margianti, SE., MM.

Act as moderator of seminar is Dr. Dharma Tintri E, AK., MBA. And filled by 2 speaker bringing the following items : " Overview Adopt IFRS, challenge and background of the IFRS convergence " by Drs Supriyono, Akt ( Chief Council Standard Financial Accounting of IAI) and " Difference of IFRS vs PSAK " by Dr. Etty Retno Wulandari ( Superintendent Of Standard Accountancy and Inspection).

This seminar walk very attractive because all speakers were competence in the field of each which give items supporting. The seminar attend by 302 participants from Gunadarma University and other colleague