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Seminar " Universal Service Support Interoperability in Information Systems Science and National Technology"

Before the seminar was opened by the Rector of the University , Prof. Gunadarma . Dr. . E.S. Margianti , SE . , MM first speech given by the Chief Executive by Dr. rer. nat. I Made Wiryana, SSi,SKom,MSc.

In his speech explained the purpose of this seminar is to provide important information utilization of geospatial information in support of law information systems of national science and technology ( Sipteknas ) to the public , especially students, among them as a basis for decision making in the construction , natural resource management , resource human and other resources in Indonesia. So hopefully through this Sipteknas Act , communities can encourage the growth and utilization of resources in science and technology effectively .

This seminar presents three speakers , starting with the first speaker of the Research and Technology , Dr . Ir . Agus Sediadi Tamtanus , MSi who served as deputy assistant Data and Information Science . Explained about Sipteknas ( Information Systems Science and National Technology) . Then proceed with the Deputy speaker of the Geospatial Information Infrastructure , Dr. . Ir . Joseph Surahman Djajadihardja , which discusses geospatial MSc and the last speaker by Dr. rer. nat. I Made Wiryana, SSi,SKom,MSc.  They were moderated by Dr . Lintang Yuniar  Banowosari, SKom . , MSc

The seminar was held in cooperation with the University Gunadarma Ministry for Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia on Friday , 15 November 2013 in the auditorium of Building 4 Floor 6 Depok Campus , Margonda Raya , which was attended by students from various majors and faculty Gunadarma University .