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Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference, October 8-9, 2013  
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Socialization Development of International Cooperation UG

Socialization Development of International Cooperation  UG has been organized was carried out together with exposure to foreign student internship program results on August 31, 2015 in the Auditorium of the Campus D462. The event was organized by the Foreign Cooperation Gunadarma University which was attended by faculty and students from various departments in the UG, as well as on this occasion, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan for Indonesia Mr. Shavkat Jamolov can attend this socialization.

According to executive chairman, Dr. I Made Wiryana, the socialization that once exposure results of the internship program is an implementation of the cooperation between the UG and the Uzbek State World Language University to realize the activities of non-degree students from the campus at UG.

The event began with the appearance of Peacock Dance performed by three students. Two students from Uzbekistan, Yulduz Azimova and Kadirova Nargiza and a UG student Ayu Setiowati, followed by the opening, which was officially opened by the Rector of UG, Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE., MM. After opening, the event continued with a video playback about four students Uzbekistan during at UG. In the video aired interenship program followed by students of Uzbekistan together with the students of UG.

After the video playback is continued with a talk show which presents R. Purwanto Subroto, PhD (Head of Sub Directorate for Cooperation between the Institute), Dr. AB. Susanto, Dodi Ginawan Ciptadi (Head of Sub-Office of the Immigration Control Section Class II Depok).

This socialization was ended by playing the trailer short film with titled The Legend of The Jaka Tarub
performed by students of Uzbekistan and UG.