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The 24th and 25th Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Economy

Doctoral Program Gunadarma University conducted the 24th and 25th doctoral thesis defence in Economy which held on 26th of August 2008 at Gunadarma University Auditorium Campus D, Margonda Raya Street 100, Pondok Cina, Depok.

Doctoral Candidate in this thesis defence were Bagus Nurcahyo and Emmy Indrayani. Both of these Doctoral Candidate their thesis advisory committee were Prof.Dr Basu Swastha Dharmesta, MBA as Pricipal Advisor and Dr.Toto Sugiharto, MSc as Co-Advisor.

First Doctoral Candidate, Bagus Nurcahyo, defended his thesis title ďBrand Evaluation Perspective On Consumer Willingness To Buy Motorcycle : The Influence of Motive, Involvement, Need for Cognition and MotivationĒ.

In his presentation, Doctoral Candidate Bagus Nurcahyo , have mentioned that individual willingness to buy, as indicated in a number of studies, closely related to brand evaluation where this evaluation depends on individual ability, opportunity and intrinsic motivation. Band evaluation is also influenced by need for cognition, involvement, motive and economic concern of individual.

Research result show that individual involvement and motive significantly affect motivation but they do not affect brand evaluation. Need for cognition is found to affect motivation and brand evaluation affects individual willingness to buy a motorcycles.

Second Doctoral Candidate, Emmy Indrayani, defended her thesis title ďAnalysis Anteseden Consumer Loyalty Internet Service ProviderĒ.

The objective of this research is to analyze the antecendents of consumerís loyality toward ISPs in Indonesia. Variables in Chiouís model (Chiou, 2004) combined with two additional variables (i.e., involvement and behavioral loyality) are used in this study.

Structural equation modeling was used to analyze the proposed hypotheses. It was found, in the resulting model, that there is a significant impact of perceived value on satisfaction. It was also found that there is a significant influence of satisfaction on loyality intention and a significant impact of loyalty intention on behavioral loyality. However, there is no significant influence of involvement on loyalty intention. The model also showed a significant influence of attribute of satisfaction on perceived value which poses as an important antecedent in consumerís satisfaction. Trus was foun as important variable to determine consumerís perceived value and consumerís satisfaction. However, the model does not show the direct effect of trust on loyalty intention.