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The signing of MoU between the University Gunadarma and University Universiapolis in Agadir, Morocco

Gunadarma University adds another counterparts abroad, in the African continent, namely Universite International d'Agadir (Agadir International University) or more popularly called Universiapolis in Agadir Morocco, which is characterized by Gunadarma University Delegation visit to Agadir Morocco. A visit to the University of Agadir Universiapolis which took place on 25-26 May 2016, led by the Rector of Gunadarma University Prof. Dr. E. S. Margianti SE., MM. The delegation comprised of Prof. Dr. ICE. Margianti SE., MM. (Rector UG), Prof. Suryadi HS., SSi., MMSI, (Vice Rector UG), Prof. Dr. Sarifuddin Madenda (Chairman of the Doctoral Program of Information Technology UG), Prof. Dr. Djati Kerami (Lecturer Doctoral Program TI-UG), Dr. Misdiyono SE., MM. (Faculty of Economics UG), Dr. dr. Matrissya Hermita MPsi. (Faculty of Psychology UG), B. Sumarwoto SE., MM. (Director of Megaswara Network) and Nana Mulyana (Special Staff Director Megaswara Network) was received by the Rector Prof. Universiapolis BOUSLIKHANE Aziz, PhD., Along with Dr. Ilias MAJDOULINE as Director of the Polytechnic, Prof. Rokia MISSAOUI PhD., Prof. Ameur BOUJENOUI PhD., And a number of directors Department Universiapolis environment.

The agenda of the visit started with a visit to some of the faculty and facilities owned by Universiapolis then followed by a presentation by Dr. Ilias MAJDOULINE about the latest developments and achievements Universiapolis campus which is one of the largest and best private university in Morocco. Furthermore Prof. Dr. E. S. Margianti also explained the development and achievements of Gunadarma University campus that are currently categorized as one of the best private universities in Indonesia.

After the presentations, the event continued with a discussion on some of the things that are possible to the cooperation between the two universities. The closest agenda is agreed to exchange lecturers and students to each university. As the last event is the signing of the Charter of the Cooperation Agreement between the University Gunadarma with Universiapolis conducted by Prof. Dr. E. S. Margianti SE., MM and Prof. BOUSLIKHANE Aziz, PhD. The event ended with the exchange of souvenirs.

Charter Signatories terbut Cooperation Agreement indicates that UG continued to actively carry the name of Indonesia is increasingly recognized in the international community and the embodiment of the vision and mission of UG to increase 'global network'.