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The Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology : Emy Haryatmi and Desti Riminarsih

On Friday, May 13, 2016 was held Doctoral Thesis Defence in Information Technology Gunadarma University by presenting promovenda Emy Haryatmi and Desti Riminarsih.
Promovenda Emy Haryatmi get a chance in the morning session and brought his presentation "Digital Television System Design DTMB On Device Software-Defined Radio". The background of the reasearch of promvenda Emy Haryatmi to conduct this study that the DTMB digital television standards has advantages compared with other digital television standards for such systems are capable of operating with other digital television standards for such systems can be operated from fixed and mobile. Unfortunately, although the DTMB system has been available commercially, but the system is closed so difficult to use for research and development. In this research, assisted software DTMB system design that integrates seamlessly with radio devices. Performance with software -defined radio referring to the document that DTMB GB20600-2006 standard.

On this occasion promovenda Emy Haryatmi explained that the purpose of this research is to design a system that dioperasian DTMBberbasis software on the device-Software Define Radio that allows it to be configured according to the needs and technology development.

Promovenda Emy Haryatmi with the supervising commission Prof. Dr. Busono Soerowitdjo as promoter, Dr.Tubagus Maulana Kusuma and Dr. Purnawarman Musa as co-promoter, based on the results of the senate passed with honors.

In the afternoon session the opportunity given to promovenda Desti Riminarsih with a dissertation entitled "Analysis of the Relationship Between Voltage Wall Scroll With Diameter Evolution Abdominal Aorta In Case of Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Based on the results of MRI image", the commission supervising Prof. Dr. rer.nat Achmad Benny Mutiara as a promoter, Dr. Ernastuti and Dr. Bambang Wahyudi as co-promoter. Promovenda Desti Riminarsih explained the result from this study is successful application of MRI sagital image  segmentation algoritm to obtain the image of aorta. The maximum diameter value thus obtained with the diameter measurment algoritm. The rate of evolution in diameter have a tendency related to the value of the initial diameter. Calculation of wall shear stress has been successfully carried out and the wall shear stress values obtained for each slice. The relationship between changes in wall shear stress on the rate of evolution diameter generally not been successfully obtained. Two of the three patients had a tendency to increase the wall shear stress is accompanied  by  an increase in the size of the diameter. This study contributes to the field of information technology, especially in the medical field of application is a prototype of the software that is the implementation of methods and algorithms. The software can digunaan in the field of radiology to analyze the media image of MRI and clinical treatment of patients with AAA so the premises can be done more precisely.

Based on the results senate promovenda Desti Riminarsih passed a Doctor of Information Technology at the University Gunadarma with cumlaude.