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The Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology : Iffatul Mardhiyah and Achmad Fahrurozi

Doctoral  Program Gunadarma University conducted Doctoral Thesis Defense in Infomation Technology on April 15th, 2016 in the Auditorium at Campus D of Gunadarma University with a doctoral candidate Iffatul Mardhiyah and Achmad Fahrurozi.
The first opportunity was given to Iffatul Mardhiyah, in her dissertation entitled Approximation of 3D Object Reconstruction Mesh with Laplacian Embedding explained that one of the objects of research that continues to grow and is increasingly needed in the field of application is the depiction or 3D reconstruction in computer graphics.

In this study, Iffatul proposed algorithm complexity is O (n3), the result can be concluded that the approximation using Laplacian Embedding is better used for 3D objects mesh with more complex shapes. This algorithm can generate 3D objects mesh approximation with approximation error value is smaller and faster computing time (more efficient) than the method of approximating geometry-aware. With the results of this study possible contributions to the field of technology, construction of 3D objects that can efficiently support the technological development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
Based on the results of the senate meeting Iffatul Mardhiyah doctoral candidate with the supervising commission Prof. Dr. Sarifuddin Madenda as Promoter, Dr. rer.nat. I Made Wiryana and Ravi Ahmad Salim, Ph.D as co-promoter graduated with cum laude predicate.

After the break, the second session was followed by a doctoral candidate Achmad Fahrurozi, with research title Classification Algorithm Method Development and Quality of Wood Based Fiber Texture Features and Round of the Year with the supervising commission Prof. Dr. Djati Kerami as promoter, Prof. Dr. Sarifuddin Madenda and Dr. Ernastuti as co-promoter. In this study, Achmad undertake the development of the methods of non-destructive testing of the quality of the wood by utilizing the digital image of the test timber.

This study aims to establish a system of classification of wood grouped by their quality. The method developed is a combination in terms of the series, three algorithms are algorithms pre-processing which serves to sharpen the texture of the fiber and the circumference of the year, the algorithm GLCM to record the frequency of the appearance of a fiber texture and lingkat year as a feature wood texture and classification algorithms that function classifies wood according to the quality of each with reference to the texture feature data.

Achmad Fahrurozi doctoral candidate graduated as Doctor of Information Technology Gunadarma University with honors.