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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Economics: Handayani And Sudarsono

On 9th February 2018, Doctoral Program Gunadarma University conducted doctoral thesis defence in Economy at auditorium of Gunadarma University, Campus D, Depok at Margonda Raya no. 100.As the first candidate, Handayani presented his thesis dissertation with title "Model Development Of Insurance Guarantee Funding In Indonesia".

The advisors committee Prof. Dr. Ir. E. Susy Suhendra, MS. and  Dr. Lana Sularto, SE, MM. as a Co-Promotor, and as external examiner is Dr. Ketut Sendra, SPd, SH, MM, MH.

In his dissertation, promovendus Handayani explain the purpose of the study is to design funding model of the policy guaranty institution in accordance with the needs in Indonesia and formulate the amount of premium or contribution to the policy guarantee institution, which consists of flat rate premium and risk-based premium which corresponds to the risk profile of the insurance company.

The results showed that the presence of the policy guarantor as one of the risk mitigation instruments becomes a certainty. Insurance underwriters require a government presence in it as an initial capital provider. flat rate premium can be used at the beginning of the establishment of the policy guarantor institution because it is simpler and easier to understand the insurance industry.

The results of the trial senate declare that doctoral candidates Handayani graduated with honors.

The second cantidate, Sudarsono presented his thesis dissertation with title "Determinant Of Online Purchase And Purchase In The Decision Making Purchase Online Electronic Products In Indonesia". The advisors committee are  Prof. Dr. Ir. E. Susy Suhendra, MS. and Dr. Adi Kuswanto, SE., MBA. as a Co-Promotor, and as external examiner is Prof. Dr. Tulus Haryono, M. Ek.

His research was to analyze how the influence of knowledge about e-commerce, subjective norms, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of risk to intent shop online.

In this session promovedus Sudarsono graduated with honour. Dr. Handayani and Dr. Sudarsono is the 109th and 110th Doctor of Economic Science in Gunadarma University.