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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Economy : Christina Dewi Wulandari

Doctoral Program Gunadarma University Conducted Doctoral thesis defense in Economy on October13th 2017 in the Auditorium of the University Campus D Gunadarma-Depok. Promovenda Christina Dewi Wulandari who presented his dissertation entitled "the influence of corporate governance and the index of Islamic reporting (ISR) against Economic value added with financial performance as moderator in sharia commercial banks", which was promoted by Prof. Dr. Ir. Budi Hermana, MM dan  Dr. rer. pol. Ir. Sudaryanto, MSc. as co-promotor.

Promovenda Christina Dewi Wulandari explained the purpose of research is to analyze the influence of corporate governance, to analyze influence of islamic social reporting index to economic value added of sharia commercial bank, to analyze the effect of ROA moderation on the relationship between corporate governance and economic added value and to analyze the influence of ROE moderation on the relationship between corporate governance and economic added value to the relationship between ISR and EVA of sharia bank.

The results showed that by disclosure of CSR by using ISR has negative implication to economic value added company. The implementation of good corporate governance will provide economic added value for sharia commercial banks. The influence of GCG on EVA is not well moderated by ROA and ROE.

Based on the results promovenda Christina Dewi Wulandari senate passed with honour. Dr. Christina Dewi Wulandari is 98th Doctor of Economy in Gunadarma University. Expected from the results of these study can contribute and benefit theoretically.