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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Economy : Martani and Lily Linne A. Kainde

Doctoral Program Gunadarma University Conducted Doctoral thesis defense in Economy on January 26th 2017 in the Auditorium of the University Campus D Gunadarma Jl. Margonda Raya, Pondok Cina Depok.
Beginning with promovendus Martani with a dissertation entitled "Role of Capital, Labor and Technology On The Level Of Poverty In Connection With Central Java Development And Special Economic Zones", the supervising commission Prof. Dr. Nopirin, MA as a promoter and Dr. Aris Budi Setiawan SE., MM. as copromoter.

In his dissertation, Doctoral candidate, Martani hopes his research can provide benefits and contributions as a reference for parties involved in the program to accelerate the reduction of poverty levels in the district / city. The results of his research to the conclusion that the picture of poverty in Central Java declined 3.05% during the years 2011-2015. Capital developed into capital expenditures, KUR and PNPM, capital expenditures in Central Java as a whole does not affect the level of poverty. Labor developed into life expectancy, literacy rate, time to finish the School, Working age. Overall life expectancy does not affect the level of poverty in Central Java. Technology affects the level of poverty in Central Java at 18%. PDRB not affect the level of poverty in Central Java due to the PDRB is to rise each year.

The result of the Senate hearing stating that the doctoral candidate Martani graduated with honors, After the break, Gunadarma University Senate hearing continued with the 2nd session of the Doctoral candidate Lilly Linne A. Kainde.

The supervising commissions are: Prof. Dr. Suryo Guritno, MStat as promotor, Dr. Peni Sawitri, SE., MM. as co-promotor. At this thesis defence, promovenda defending her dissertation entitled "Direct And Indirect Influence Leadership Style Of Organizational Performance Through Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Cultural Organization"

Research results show that an effective mediating role of organizational culture which is built from elements of the human resources that can improve school performance. The elements of human resources including talent management and employee engagement. The Senate Commitee of Gunadarma University determine the promovenda was graduated with honors.