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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology : Agung Slamet Riyadi, Ericks Rachmat Swedia and Dharmayanti

On Thursday (12/04/2018) has been held thesis defend of Doctor in Information Technology field at Auditorium STMIK Jakarta STI&K with promovendus Agung Slamet Riyadi, promovendus Ericks Rachmat Swedia dan promovenda Dharmayanti

In the 1st session is opportunity of promovendus Agung Slamet Riyadi with his promoter Prof. Dr. dr. Johan Harlan and his co-promoter Dr. Ravi A. Salim and Dr. Dewi Agushinta also the external examiner is Dr. dr. H. Arman Adel Abdullah, Sp.Rad(K).  He presented his thesis entitled “Head and Stomach Fetal Detection In Ultrasound Image (USG) For Birth Weight Prediction Using OTSU Method”. The purpose of his research is to proposes method and development and algorithm to perform fetal head circumference to get result of BPD size (cm), detect fetal abdominal circumference to get AC result (cm) and make an estimation to get birth weight (gram).

After break, the 2nd promovendus Ericks Rachmat Swedia with his promoter is Prof. Dr. rer.nat Achmad Benny Mutiara, SSi.,SKom. As Co-Promoter are Dr. Ernastuti, SSi., Msc. and Dr. Muhammad Subali, SSi.,MT. also Prof. Ir. Suyoto, M.Sc. Ph.D as external examiner. Promovendus Ericks Rachmat presented his thesis entitled “Deep Learning Long-Short Term Memory Modeling For Voice Recognition Decimal Digits In Indonesian Language”. In his research, promovendus developed Deep Learning with LSTM to find the model of decimal digits in Bahasa Indonesia that is independent of who the speaker is (speaker independence).

In the last session, promovenda Dharmayanti presented his thesis entitled "Development of Linear Similarity Kinematic Movement of Linear and Angular Self Motivation of Taekwondo with Dynamic Time Warping Method". Her promoter is Prof. Dr-Ing. Adang Suhendra and her co-promoter are Prof. Dr. rer.nat Achmad Benny Mutiara and Dr. Mohammad and as an external examiner is Dr. techn. Ahmad Ashari, M.Kom. In his research, promovenda developed a system of linear kinematic motion similarity analysis and angular martial taekwondo which can be a tool for assessment of athlete/actor performance.

Based on the results of the senate meeting, promovendus Agung Slamet Riyadi, promovendus Ericks Rachmat Swedia and promovenda Dharmayanti graduated with a very satisfying predicate. Dr. Agung Slamet Riyadi, Dr. Ericks Rachmat Swedia and Dr. Dharmayanti has become the 132nd, 133rd and 134th Doctor of Information Technology at Gunadarma University.