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Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference, October 8-9, 2013  
Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference On Economics And Management Toward Nation Character Development. Branch Of Russian Economic University After G.V.Plekhanov In Tashkent, Uzbekistan And ...

Indonesia Open Source Award 2012  
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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology (Cut Maisyarah and Yulisdin Mukhlis) and Economic (Tirana Saputro)

On December 3, 2013 was held an open session Doctoral Program of Information and Economics, the first doctoral candidate for the doctoral program of Information, Cut Maisyarah with her dissertation entitled "Image Reconstruction of 4D MRI Blood Flow and Thrombus in Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Patients". She was promoted by Prof. Sarifuddin Madenda with co-promoter Prof. Dr. dr. Harlan and Prof. Dr.rer. nat. Achmad Benny Mutiara.

The purpose of this research is to create software that can categorize small thrombus in AAA, extracting and merekomstruksi blood flow along with the animated image of the blood flow in it, so as to contribute in the form of software that can be used by relevant experts in the field.

In the second session is filled by a doctoral candidate in economics Triana Saputro, with her dissertation entitled "The Effects of Organizational Resources and Capabilities to Competitive Advantage and Corporate Performance in Yogyakarta Batik", which is promoted by Prof. Dr. Nopirin, MS and Ir. Toto Sugiharto, MSc., Ph.D. as co-promoter. In general, this study aims to identify the main sources of competitive advantage and firm performance batik in Yogyakarta Special Region and to develop and assess patterns of relationships or mechanisms of how these resources can create competitive advantage and firm performance.

The third session ended with the presentation of doctoral candidates of Information, Yulisdin Mukhlis with his dissertation entitled "Design of Embedded Electrocardiograph with Change the Analog to Digital Type Single Slope-based technology". Mukhlis Yulisdin doctoral candidate promoted by Prof. Ir. Busono Soerowirdjo, MSc, PhD and Dr. Eri Prasetyo Wibowo along with Dr. Hamzah Afandi as co-promoter. This study aims to design and implement it into the ECG System on Chip. Results of the study is a portable ECG expected to benefit the wider community can be used to monitor heart health anytime, anywhere.

Finally, based on the results of the trial senate stated that the doctoral candidate Cut Maisyarah and Yulisdin Mukhlis graduated with honors, and the doctoral candidate Triana Saputro graduated with Cum Laude.