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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology: Fikri Budiman dan Titin Winarti

On 13th July 2017, Doctoral Program Gunadarma University conducted doctoral thesis defence in Information Technology at Auditorium of Gunadarma University, Campus D, Jl. Margonda Raya, Pondok Cina, Depok.

The first session was given the opportunity to Fikri Budiman, In his dissertation entitled Optimal Value Determination Method of SVM-RBF Kernel Space Parameters on Multi Grade Classification of Indonesian Batik Style Explained that this method is used to maximize the accuracy of class recognition of four kinds of texture motifs geometric decoration, Namely traditional batik style with ceplok / ceplokan style, kawung, nitik, and parang/lereng. Based on the result of the meeting of doctorate candidate Fikri Budiman with the supervising commission Prof. Dr.-Ing. Adang Suhendra as promotor, Dr. Dewi Agushinta Rahayu and Dr. Avinanta Tarigan as co-Promotor. The  Senate Committee of Gunadarma University determined Fikri Budiman was graduated with honors.

After break, Followed by a second session with doctoral candidate Titin Winarti with the title of his research Automated Stemming Algorithm Development with Elimination of Feedback to Improve Clustering Process Performance of Text Documents With a supervising commissioner Prof. Dr. Djati Kerami as promotor, Dr. Lussiana ETP and Dr. Sunny Arief Sudiro as co-Promotor. In this research, Titin Winarti does the development of New Enhance Confix Stripping (NECS) using automatic conflation approach with removal of affixes that can improve stemming algorithm performance.

Doctoral candidate Fikri Budiman and Titin Winarti has graduated as Doctor of Information Technology University Gunadarma The 109th and 110th. Congratulations for achieving this success.