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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology : Fikri Saleh And Romdhoni Susiloatmadja

On Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 has been held thesis defend of Doctor in Information Technology field at Cikunir Campus Auditorium of Universitas Gunadarma with

promovendus Fikri Saleh And Romdhoni. In the first  session is opportunity of promovendus Fikri Saleh with the promotor Prof. Dr-Ing. Adang Suhendra and Co-Promotor

Dr. Tubagus Maulana Kusuma and Dr. rer.nat Avinanta Tarigan also outside examiner Dr. Suryadi, MT.
Promovendus Fikri Saleh presented her thesis entitled “Adaptive Ontology Method In A Dynamic Interoperability Environment In Higher Education Data Reporting System”.

The purpose of the research is aims: to produce Adaptive Ontology Method Data Mapping In Dynamic Integrated Database System in order to :
a. Produce a method of identifying database schema changes that change at any time, often occurs and not patterned on the data center node.
b. Produce global ontology forming method as database representation at data center node.
c. Produce methods that can identify changes and types of changes that occur on a global ontology.
d. Produce adaptive methods to be able to make adjustments to local ontology based on changes that occur on global ontology.
After the break resumed the 2nd session, this session Promovendus Romdhoni Susiloatmadja presented his thesis entitled “Circumstantial Reference Method For Data

Reconciliation In Distributed Data Sources”. with the promotor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Adang Suhendra and as Co-Promotor Dr. Lintang Yuniar Banowosari, SKom., MSc. and Dr. Lily

Wulandari, SKom., MMSI also Dr.Julius Santony, SKom., MKom. as external examiner.

The purpose of her research is generates retrieval methods in an inconsistent collection of data in heterogeneous environments using longitudinal tests for data

reconciliation. These objectives may be specifically described as follows :
1. Produce a method to identify the use of attributes that can be used as a longitudinal test key.
2. Utilizing similiritas method to determine longitudinal test.
3. Produce retrieval methods in an inconsistent collection of data in heterogeneous environments without changing existing data sources or systems.

The Senate Committee of Universitas Gunadarma determined Fikri Saleh And Romdhoni Susiloatmadja graduated with honors. Fikri Saleh And Romdhoni Susiloatmadja became

130th and 131th Doctor of Information Technology in Universitas Gunadarma.