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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology: D. L. Crispina Pardede and Riza Adrianti Supono

On 16th March 2011, Doctoral Program Gunadarma University conducted doctoral thesis defence in Information Technology at auditorium of Gunadarma University, Campus D, Jl. Margonda Raya, Pondok Cina, Depok.

As the first candidat, D. L. Crispina Pardede presented her thesis dissertation with title "The Extention of SVO Logic for Formal Analysis and Verification of Non Repudiation Protocol". The advisors committee are Prof. Dr. Djati Kerami as a Promotor dan Prof. Dr. rer. nat. A. Benny Mutiara Q. N. as a Co-Promotor, and as external examiner is Prof. Dr. Belawati H. Widjaja.

D. L. Crispina Pardede the goal of the research is to expand SVO logic to be used to verify the fairness properties of a non-repudiation protocol. In this study D. L. Crispina Pardede also formalize fairness objectives of non-repudiation protocol. The purpose of this fairness is verified by using the SVO logic has been extended. The results of this research is the formalization of objective fairness of the non-repudiation protocol.Non-Repudiation protocols is verified in order to demonstrate the achievement of fairness. The research was successful in extending the SVO logic notation by adding two notations and five axioms. The extended SVO logic was successfully verify the objective fairness of the non-repudiation Zhon-Gollman Protocol.

The second candidate is Riza Adrianti Supono with Prof. Dr.I Wayan Simri Wicaksana as The Promotor, Dr. Lintang Yuniar Banowosari as CoPromotor , and Prof. Dr. Ir. Bagio Budiarjo, MSc. as a external examiner. she defended her thesis dissertation with title "Algorithm for  Reference Ontology Development from Common Ontology and Local Ontology with Bottom Up dan Top Down Approaches for Medical Record in Indonesia"

This research focuses on designing algorithms to develop a reference ontology of two common ontologies taken at national and international medical records, and six local ontologies taken from  medical records in Indonesia. The result of this research is a model of reference ontology which refers to the common ontology and local ontology with various existing domain.

The  Senate Committee of Gunadarma University determine these two candidates was graduated with honors. Doctor D. L. Crispina Pardede and Adranti Riza S. are 42th and 43th Doctor of Information Technology in Gunadarma University.

Expected from the results of these study can contribute and benefit theoretically and technology development.