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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology: Suharni and Ahmad Muhammad Thantawi

on 4th February 2014, Doctoral program Gunadarma University proudly present the 56th and 57th doctoral thesis defence in Information Technology at auditorium of Gunadarma University, Campus D,  Margonda Raya Street, Pondok Cina, Depok. As the first candidat, Suharni presented her thesis dissertation with title “Development of Identification Methodology of Hatching Duck Eggs Before Incubation Based Image Processing“. The advisors committee are Prof. Dr. dr. Johan Harlan as a Promotor and Prof. Dr. Yuhara Sukra, M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Ir. Kudang Boro Seminar MSc, Dr. Lussiana E. T. P. as Co-Promotor, and as external examiner is Ir. Paulus Insap Santosa, M.Sc., Ph.D.

The purpose of this study is to develop algorithms for identification and hatchability of fertile eggs, implementing and testing algorithms, as well as evaluation of existing performance compared with the previous. The algorithm was developed using image segmentation by the threshold method.

The results of research conducted on samples of duck eggs Magelang shows that the algorithm are developed and implemented can identify the point of fertile and egg hatchability, and resulted in a faster computation time and managed to provide a better accuracy rate.

The Senate Commitee of Gunadarma University determine this promovenda Suharni graduated with honors.

The second candidate is Ahmad Muhammad Thantawi with Prof. Dr. I Wayan Simri Wicaksana, SSi., MEng. as the promotor, Dr. Lily WUlandari as CoPromotor. and Prof. Dr. Ir. Richardus Eko Indrajit, MSc, MBA., also Prof. Dr. Suryo Guritno, M.Stat., as external examiner. He defended his thesis dissertation with title “Query Rewriting Based On Level Measurement of Semantic Similarity on Keyword in Several Search Engines”

The objective of the research is to produces algorithms and supported by the establishment of a database and database similarity thesaurus is used to support the process of rewriting the query. The algorithm was developed on the query rewriting process is by measuring the level of semantic similarity in the concepts that are the result of keyword extraction process so generated several alternative keywords are submitted to multiple search engines.

The test is done by comparing the results of relevant information at the time of submitting the keywords on some classic search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing, with a prototype query rewriting process by measuring the degree of semantic similarity in a keyword that is enriched by the use of metasearch engines. Keywords transmitted consists of three categories, namely 1) the form of a single word keywords, such as “computer”, “car”, 2) shaped keyword phrases, such as “restaurant”, “four wheel drive vehicle”, and 3) the word complex -shaped keywords, such as “number of cars in Jakarta”.

Testing the accuracy of information obtained from rewriting the query results are shown through the value of precision, recall and F-measure. The results of the testing are contained fixes f-measure value of information retrieval trials using classical search engines compared with tests using prototype search. It is concluded query rewriting based on the semantic similarity measurement level keywords in several search engines give better results can satisfy user desires.

The Senate Commitee of Gunadarma University determine this promovenda Ahmad Muhammad Thantawi graduated with honors.