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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Psychology and Economy: Kristiana Dewayani and Lies Handrijaningsih

On 20 May 2012, Doctoral program Gunadarma University proudly present the 5th doctoral thesis defence in Psychology and 68th doctoral thesis defence in Economy at Auditorium of Gunadarma University, Campus D,  Margonda Raya Street, Pondok Cina, Depok. As the first candidat, Kristiana Dewayani presented her thesis dissertation with title "Model of Psychology Factors That Affecting of Quality Service Perceived to Internal Customers". The advisors committee are Prof. Dr. Asip F. Hadipranata as a Promotor and Jahja Umar, Pd.D also Prof. Dr. Sarifuddin Madenda as a Co-Promotor, and as external examiner is Prof. Dr. M. Noor Rochman Hadjam.

This study aims to examine the fit between the data and the research and theoretical models hypothesized to determine the psychological factors that affect PSQIC. This research was conducted at three companies engaged in financial services, human resource services and management of apartments, acquired 203 people as respondents.

The results of analysis show that the theoretical model fits the data PSQIC study of three companies engaged in financial services, human resource services and management of apartments. This is consistent with field theory that behavior is the result of the integration factor in the perception of self and environment. Psychological factors significantly affect the PSQIC is Psycap, Psyclim, and Innovation & Conditions Challenge positive psychological influence on PSQIC greater than the subject's perception of the environment. Attitudes toward computers no significant effect on PSQIC. This is understandable because of the attitude toward computers is a global attitude measurement, which in some studies do not predict behavior.

Application of psychology in the workplace continues to evolve, therefore needs to be developed further experiments to determine the role of other psychological conditions. These findings are useful in practice to improve employee effectiveness. Development of employee psychological condition, can be done with the training program, as well as counseling and mentoring.

The Senate Commitee of Gunadarma University determine this promovenda Kristiana Dewayani graduated with honors.

The second candidate is Lies Handrijaningsih with Prof. Dr. Suryo Guritno, MStat. as the Promotor, Prof. Dr. Euphrasia Susy Suhendra as CoPromotor and Bayu Sutikno, SE., MSM., Phd. as an external examiner. She defended her thesis dissertation with title “The Effect of Heterogeneity Franchisor Through on Trust and Commitment to The Success of a Franchise Business in Indonesia”.

This research aims to analyze the effect of heterogeneity franchisor through trust and commitment to the success of a franchise business in Indonesia. The respondents of this research are the franchisee of food and beveragesold at booths and restaurants. Based on the analysis cane prove that the data model is valid. The results indicate that the factor represented by the heterogeneity of the franchise control,strategy, profile and franchise system has influence on the success of a franchise business in Indonesia through trust and commitment. Mediation of trust and commitment provide an indirect effect on the success of franchisor heterogeneity.

The Senate Commitee of Gunadarma University determine this promovenda Lies Handrijaningsih graduated with honors.