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Thesis Defense of Doctoral in Information Technology : Julius Santony and Ega Hegarini

Doctoral  Program Gunadarma University conducted Doctoral Thesis Defense in Infomation Technology on December 23rd, 2015 in the Auditorium at Campud D of Gunadarma University.

Open session this time presenting two doctoral candidates, Julius Santony and Ega Hegarini. Where the first opportunity given to Julius Santony doctoral candidate dissertation titled "Object Extraction infiltrates In X-Ray image of Tuberculosis Patient Thorax Morphology Mathematical Methods and Analysis Features Region", with promoter Prof. Dr. dr. Johan Harlan, SSi., MSc, and Prof. Dr. Sarifuddin Madenda along with Dr. Prihandoko, SKom., MIT as a co-promoter.
In this research, the object extraction infiltrates on x-ray image of the thorax tuberculosis, so that objects can be seen clearly infiltrates. Stages of research conducted on the x-ray image of the thorax is the detection of objects with morphological segmentation method which consists of morphological dilation and erosion, and edge detection with a reduction in the value of the morphological dilation and erosion morphology. The next phase of the object extraction process infiltrates the region binerisasi and analysis features to remove parts that are not spotting the object and determines the number of objects infiltrates of existing spots. From the results of object extraction infiltrates then determined  the number and extent of the right lung and the left lung with feature analysis region.

The results achieved indicate that the object extraction infiltrates can display the image of the object moved at infiltrates which can be seen clearly. From the results of testing 35 x-ray image of the thorax of patients with tuberculosis proved that infiltrates the existing object in an image can be extracted properly and can ditetntuan position in the lungs and can determine the number and extent. Testing was also conducted on two x-ray image of the thorax of healthy patients, for the purpose of comparison and the results did not reveal any object infiltrates in the lungs, both lungs anan part or parts of the left lung.

Results of the trial senate states that a doctoral candidate Julius Santony graduated with honors and a Doctor of Information Technology  Gunadarma University 88th.

After the break followed by a second session for doctoral candidates Ega Hegarini which presents the results of the research with the title "System Analysis of similarity Movement Human Body In Sport Martial Using Technology Oprical Motion Capture" which resulted in the system analysis of the movement of the human body using optical motion capture with eight cameras from optitract with a resolution of 640x480 and has a frame rate of 100Hz. With this system, the movement of the actor martial movement of each joint can be analyzed contained in the skeletal system of the human body. The object of this study is a movement in martial Thifan on senkay (circuit stance) one fifth stance. In this martial arts moves that are kind movements such as hitting, kicking, jumping, and parry. Evaluation of similarity movement cosine similarity method used is to calculate the cosine of the angle of the two values ??being compared.

System similarity analysis in this study has been successfully used to see the level of similarity of the two movements, the actors move in real time as compared to a reference move.

Ega Hegarini doctoral candidate promoted by Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Achmad Benny Mutiara and Prof. Dr. Ing. Adang Suhendra along with Dr. Mohammad Iqbal as a co-promoter.

Open session Ega Hegarini doctoral candidate running smoothly, and expressed Graduated with honors and became Doctor of Information Technology Gunadarma University 89th.