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UG in World Summit of Universities,Paris 6-7 May 2011

Gunadarma University are invited to attend the World Summit of universities, 2011, 6-7 Mei 2011 in the University of Sorbonne in Paris. The Topic is Building Knowledge in the 21st Century Through Cooperation and Exchange. Gunadarma sent delegation of 4 Persons, lead by the Rector, Prof. E.S. Margianti , Prof. Benny Mutiara, Dr. Eri Prasetyo Wibowo and Dr. Widya Silfianti.

The meeting agenda took  two days. In the first half day, right after the opening ceremony, proceed  the workshop 1   “Universities in their Geographic and socio-economic environment” . In the same time the workshop 2“  International mobility for student, teacher and researcher” also proceed in parallel sessions.  In the second half days in  afternoon the workshop 3 “ Network, Institutional change and new tools” and workshop 4 “ New skill, new users” were held in the parallel sessions.

After the Global Summit meeting finished. The Gunadarma's  delegation continue the trip to Helsinki Finland. The visit to Finland is to explore the opportunity of Finland’s  Universities that interested and  encouraged to have a  cooperation with UG, since  Gunadarma  have not yet any cooperation with Universities in Finland, even though there are universities in Finland, as well the University of Eastern  included in the project partners EACOVIROE Erasmus Mundus together with Gunadarma University.

Gunadarma Delegation was greeted warmly by his Excellency Indonesia Mr. Harry Purwanto, the Indonesian Ambassador of Finland in his office. He was very good and open officer to offer a full support effort to make some connection with Universities in Finland.  After a very warm and enjoyable discussion in his office and continue during the luncheon hosted by his Excellency in the Sky High Restaurant Rector Gunadarma University, Prof. E.S. Margianti said her intention to come back to Finland  to pursue this occasion with rector or representative of universities in Finland.