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University of Gunadarma in devotion to society

University of Gunadarma in devotion to society, once again have cooperation with Clinic Consultancy Credit ( K3) Depok for the agenda of " Pelantikan Pengurus Klinik Konsultasi Kredit (K3) Kota Depok " and additionTraining with topic " Pembinaaan dan Peningkatan Kualitas Sumber Daya Manusia Usaha Mikro, Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) dan Usaha Kecil Menengah (UKM) Melalui Pelatihan dan Akses Sarana dan Prasarana Perguruan Tinggi " on Wednesday to Thursday, 6-7 August 2008 in Auditorium Building 4,6th floors Campus of Depok University of Gunadarma. This Activity supporting by University of Gunadarma, is also supported by IWAPI Depok, Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Depok, Office Indonesia Bank of Bandung and Local Government Of Depok.
This Activity is constituted by Accessing Small Micro Effort & Middle ( UMKM) to defrayal minimum of banking, potency numbers of UMKM (PUMKM)is big enough, but the benefit not yet maximal, so that not capable to support requirement facility UMKM and banking, banking have limited resource and information of UMKM services and also required by institute in development of addition quality of UMKM to improve accessed UMKM to banking.
Programme of seminar started at 09:00 WIB with singing Indonesia Raya song and continued with chief director report Ms. Hj Asri Mulyanita, SE., MM. afterwards read of SK Appointment by Mr. Ir. Dahlan Muhammad and also appointment of official member of Clinic Consultancy Credit town of Depok by Indonesian chamber of commerce West Java chief. After appointment event, continued with greetings new Chief of Clinic Consultancy Credit Town of Depok Mr. Muhammad Ronny R. M., greeting of Head Indonesia Bank of Bandung Mr. Hermawan B Sasongko, Chief Indonesian Chamber Of Commerce greeting of Depok Mr. Yusuf Setiawan, Head Leader Indonesian Chamber Of Commerce Province West Java greeting Mr. Drs. H. Iwan Darmawan Hanafi, MM., MH. and greeting of Mayor of Depok which representing by Chief Co-Operation & UKM Pemkot Depok, Drs. Akhmad Sholel, MM. At last greeting of Rector University of Gunadarma represented by Assistant Of Rector of IV University of Gunadarma Mr. Prof. Didin Mukodim.
After greeting have been continued with signing of Charter Cooperation among Pre-Eminent Effort of Clinic Consultancy Credit with banking party that is Bank Mandiri, Bank of Bukopin West Java, BNI, BRI, Indonesian chamber of commerce Town of Depok and University of Gunadarma.
Continued with speech keynote of State'S Minister Co-Operation and UKM RI represented by Assistant of Deputi Area Model, Ms. Niniek Agustini, MBA. and giving of souvenir of credit consultancy clinic by Hj. Asri Mulyanita, SE., MM. continued with socialization of portal access online financing of University of Gunadarma by Mr. Aris Moslem, SKOM., MMSI and Mr. Dr. Aris Budi Setiawan and oration UKM by Father of Reza M Syarief is billows of champion of MURI presentation during 24 hour non stopping and giving of souvenir by Prof. Didin Mukodim. This Activity covering with prayer by Mr. H. Sofian.
After programme of seminar, this activity continued with training for participant of addition UMKM of Indonesia Bank of Bandung.