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Workshop Medical Imaging Issues and Information Tecnology (MEDIMGIT 2014)

Gunadarma University in collaboration with the Institut Francais Indonesia (IFI), Perhimpunan Informatika Kesehatan Indonesia (PIKIN) dan Ikatan Profesi Komputer Indonesia (IPKIN) held a Workshop Medical Imaging and Information Tecnology (MEDIMGIT 2014).

This workshop was held on 15-17 December 2014 at Graha Simatupang Tower A, 5th Floor , Jl. TB.Simatupang kav.38, South Jakarta. The event begins with a report from Dr. Karmilasari, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and continued with opening speech by Prof. Dr E.S. Margianti, Rector of the University Gunadarma.
On this occasion also present Mr. Joel Le Bail, Attache de cooperation scientifique - Institut Francais Indonesia.
The event continued with a presentation by Assoc. Prof. Dr Alain Lalande from the Bourgogne University - France who present "Introduction to the Medical Imaging Technique " .

On the second day workhop, The guest speaker is Prof. Dr Fabrice Meriarudeau also from the Bourgogne University, France. His topic was "Concept of Medical Image Post Processing and Example". The Speaker on last day of Workshop was Assoc . Prof. Dr Alain Lalande discussing about the "MRI of the heart, post processing in nuclear medicine and iamging of tumors ". At the same place also implemented activities Doctoral Colloquium speakers are as follows : Hanny Hikmayanti H, Sumijan, Bambang Krismono t, Eka Miranda , I Wayan Muliawan and Tjoet Awaliyah Zuraiyah.