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Workshop Scientific EEG and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master of Profession Psychology has organized a Workshop Scientific EEG and Clinical Hypnotherapy on February 11th-12th, 2014 in Gunadarma University at Graha Simatupang on 6th Floor. This workshop was presented by the best expert in the field of mind technology or hypnotherapy in Indonesia, namely DR. Adi W. Gunawan, CCH. Participants in this workshop are students of Profession Psychology of Masters Program on February 11th, and the next day is for both Psychology and General Lecturer of Gunadarma University. The total participants of 50 people who attended this workshop .

The purpose of this workshop that gives insight to the psychology faculty and staff of the Gunadarma University on the basic approach to hypnotherapy as a scientific approach (scientific), in order to use it in everyday life. In addition, lecturers and staff of Gunadarma University also to overcome mental barriers in implementing tri dharma university.

Workshop facilitated by DR. Adi W. Gunawan, CCH, founder and chairman Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology, Surabaya. Adi W. Gunawan Institute is the first and so far the only school of clinical hypnotherapy in Indonesia that supported by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners ( ACHE ), USA. DR Adi W. Gunawan his self is also the first and so far the only clinical hypnotherapy instructor in Indonesia that supported by ACHE .

Detail information about facilitators can be found on the website http://www.adiwgunawan.com