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Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference, October 8-9, 2013  
Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference On Economics And Management Toward Nation Character Development. Branch Of Russian Economic University After G.V.Plekhanov In Tashkent, Uzbekistan And ...

Indonesia Open Source Award 2012  
Indonesia Open Source Award (IOSA) 2012. For Further Information http://iosa.web.id/ ...

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Gunadarma University liary is a unit to ing out information to give services to the student, lecturer regarding fulfilling their task of education, research and public dedication. The liary is equipped by various itineraries, from foreign books or Indonesian books, magazines, scientific journal, and other scientific books. All student, lecturer, staff and alumni of Gunadarma University use the facilities. The liary allocated to professionals and sarjana is located in Campus D Depok and E Kelapa Dua. And for the postgraduate program, the liary is located in Campus C Kenari. The Audio-Visual Liary is located in Campus E Kelapa Dua. Perpustakaan Audio VisualAs the result of the rapid development of audio-visual and communication technology, Gunadarma University has established an audio-visual liary. The liary is equipped with televisions and educational videos. To produce the film module and educational videos, the liary also equipped with a studio to do film and educational videos through the form of slides and video. Up to the present, the films and the educational videos for each lectured subject are still developed and produced. All students, lecturers, staffs and other parties may use the facility to support teaching activity. Audio Visual Liary is part of Gunadarma University Liary that collects all non-textbook material such as videocassette, audiocassette and others. Instead of collecting non-textbook material, basically the liary will be the media center of Gunadarma University. These baby-borne activities have been designed since the liary was opened by producing educational video media. The main activity of audiovisual liary basically is to provide an independent learning facility to all lecturers and students of Gunadarma University. The activity may use the 14 inches television, tape recorder and ear set; so independent learning can be achieved.