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Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference, October 8-9, 2013  
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Indonesia Open Source Award 2012  
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Profile In line with the rapid and dynamic development of information technology, computer, and telecommunication, that provides significant impact on Indonesia community, it requires the availability of human resources who have ability and eagerness in understanding as well as applying information technology in various fields of study and liveliness. In order to achive that goal, sufficient structures and infrastructures are essential, namely computer facilities such as hardware, software and other supporting facilities. Gunadarma University is one of the education institutions which hold Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Higher Education Contribution Trinity), namely study, research, and apply knowledge and technology with information technology-based. One of the the technical and operational interpretations of the vision and orientation is by inserting aspects of information technology application on each subject in the education curriculum. The extensive subjects reflected in 6 (six) faculties, and information technology spectrum are causing shortcoming in terms of information technology quality on each subject and limited upon education curriculum of which coverage are settled, depended on the major. Therefore, it is essential to have additional education activities and trainings beyond lectures and supporting practices in order to improve the level of mastery of information technology in terms of skills and abilities in various segments that in line with the development and demand from the society and set to work. Development Institutions of Gunadarma University perform tasks and responsibilities in accordance with the guided structure as regulated by the forerunners of Gunadarma University. There are 6 (six) development institutions at Gunadarma University, namely:
  1. Computer Development Institution (LePKom) http://lepkom.gunadarma.ac.id
  2. Management and Accounting Development Institution (LePMA)
  3. Technology Development Institution (LePTek)
  4. Plan Design and Civil Engineering Development Institution (LePTSP)
  5. Language and Literature Development Institution (LePSaB)
  6. Psychology Development Institution (LePPsi)
Each development institution is equipped with development laboratory which structurally is under the coordination of development institution. Primary task and responsibility of development institution is to hold education and training beyond lectures and supporting practices for students. The education and training is by laying the groundwork of knowledge materials before students graduate from Gunadarma University. Emphasis of the materials is focused on improvement of skills and abilities in applying information technology by maintaining consistency and relevancy with related faculty curriculum. The participants of this training are students of Gunadarma University and this training is compulsory for students as one of the requirements for graduation exam (Diploma III and Bachelor) without any limitations of number of semesters that have been followed by compulsory condition to take at least 1 (one) course and 1 (one) workshop relevant to the major. Despite, participant should have sufficient basic theory and skill that in line with the training material that will be taken.