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Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference, October 8-9, 2013  
Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference On Economics And Management Toward Nation Character Development. Branch Of Russian Economic University After G.V.Plekhanov In Tashkent, Uzbekistan And ...

Indonesia Open Source Award 2012  
Indonesia Open Source Award (IOSA) 2012. For Further Information http://iosa.web.id/ ...

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Thesis Defence of Doctoral in Information Technology: Kasir Isandar and Desi Pujiati

Gunadarma University once again held an open session of Doctor of Economics on Friday, August 18, 2017 at Auditorium Karawaci Campus by presenting promovenda Kasir Iskandar and Desi Pujiati. The first session by promovenda Kasir Iskandar which promoted by Prof. Dr. Nopirin, MA and co-promoter Ir. Toto Sugiharto, MSc., PhD with the title of his dissertation "Factors Affecting Intention of Small Business Actors to Become Participants of Health Insurance Program BPJS Health: Empirical Study in DKI Jakarta". Promovenda Kasir Iskandar in his presentation conveyed that attitude, subjective norm, value, and image have a direct effect on the intention to become a participant of BPJS Health Health Insurance. However, perceptual behavior control has no direct influence on the intention of being a participant of BPJS Health Health Insurance program. Perceptive behavior control affects the intention to join the national BPJS Health Insurance program if it is through the value and image of the National Health Insurance program. In terms of value and image of the National Health Insurance program, it will increase the number of participants of the national health insurance program. Increasing the value and image of BPJS Health Health Insurance can be done by improving the quality and quantity of socialization about the benefits and advantages as well as ways to become a participant of National Health Insurance program. After the eak, continued the second session with promovenda Desi Pujiati who promoted by prof. Dr. Nopirin., MA and Prod. Dr. E. S. Margianti, SE., MM and Dr. Misdiyono, SE., MM as co-promoter. Promovenda Desi Pujiati presented his dissertation entitled "The Influence of Management Control Systems To The Competitive Strategy and Its Impact On The Performance Of The Industrial Business Unit Of Electronics And Telematics With Internet Technology As Moderating Variables", which aims to analyze management control system consisting of belief system, boundary system, Diagnostic controls and interactive control systems in implementing competitive strategies and impacting business unit performance with internet technology as a moderating variable in the sector of the Elektronia and Telematics Industry. The research model uses exogenous variables of belief system, boundary system, diagnostic control system, interactive control system with competitive strategy mediation variables and endogenous variable of business unit performance as well as adding internet technology variable as moderating variable. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) were used to analyze data and test hypotheses in the study Based on the results of the covenant promovenda Kasir Iskandar and Desi Pujiati graduated with the predicate Cum laude and became a graduate of Gunadarma University of Economics doctor 94th and 95th.