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Seminar on Safety Management System, Occupational Health and Environment (K3L) Laboratory

Pharmacy Study Program Gunadarma University held a Seminar on Safety Management System, Occupational Health and Environment (K3L) Laboratory. The seminar was held on Thursday, March 22, 2018 and held at Gunadarma Campus Graha Simatupang Tower A 5th floor of Jakarta.

The event begins with greeting speech by chairman of the committee Ashfar Kurnia, M. Farm., and continued with the opening ceremony by Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti SE., MM., as Rector of Gunadarma University.

This seminar presents 3 speakers, namely Dr. Erma Triawati Ch., S.T., M.T., (General K3 Expert, Secretary of Electrical Engineering Study Program Gunadarma University). Dr. rer.nat. Budiawan (Chemical Toxicology and Chemical Safety Expert, Chairman of Indonesian Chemical Association) and Aroem Naroeni, DEA, Ph.D (Biosafety Officer and Senior Researcher of Research Center based Virology and Patogenology Health Service or PRVKP). In the first session led by Sidhi Poernomo, BA. Apt as moderator, the first speaker Dr. Erma Triawati Ch., S.T., M.T. explaining the work environment supervision material, the importance of K3L aspects and efforts to improve safety in the pharmaceutical world. The second speaker Dr. rer. net. Budiawan followed, the second session led by Harits Atika Ariyantia S.Si., M.Si discusses the importance of applying safety and environmental safety aspects in the laboratory with the main formula of risk = hazard x exposure, which means recognize the danger then to reduce the risk then reduce also the exposure. After the eak, the event was resumed for the last session, on this session Aroem Naroeni, DEA, Ph.D explained materials on biological materials management in the laboratory, how to manage biological materials, biosafety and biosecurity (bioresiko) and examples of implementation of bioresiko management in the laboratory. Sessions led by moderator Rachmi Ridho, M. Pharm, Apt.