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Guest Lecture Development of Water Resources and Workshop Evaluation of Hydraulic Performance

In order to increase knowledge and science to students and faculty in the Department of Civil Engineering Gunadarma University with guest lecture, that held activities and workshop at F2 Campus of Gunadarma University. In the implementation of teaching particular subjects Development of Water Resources, conducted by guest lecturer Dr. Suryadi from Unesco-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands. This event conducted on February, 25-26th 2015 and followed by the Workshop Evaluation of Hydraulic Performance on February, 27th 2015 that invited Dr. Suryadi as a practitioner using Hecras software.

In a lecture to the subject Development of Water Resources which was attended by students majoring in Civil Engineering of Gunadarma University. Dr. Suryadi explained related about Integrated Water Resources Development and Management (IWRDM) in West Java as a case study on land using zoning system. Next are the various stakeholders in this IWRDM and river restoration and management as well as the basic principles of IWRM modeling.

The next day was a workshop on Evaluation of Hydraulic Performance that attended by sarmag students majoring in civil engineering and a doctorate in civil engineering. In this workshop was described in detail the use of the Hecras software on building planning and flood control. This software is used as a water flow modeling, hydraulic analysis, management and storage of data, graphs and reporting. The evaluation was done on the performance of the hydraulic system of polders and was followed by a discussion of the Hydro KBK by doctorate students majoring in Civil Engineering.