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Implementation goals

Implementation goals The implementation goals of programs in Computer Science faculty of Gunadarma University are :
1. To support the base government policy regarding human resource development
2. To educate and to deliver skillful and professional experts advancing the knowledge and technology.
a. Possesses a high personal integrity as a graduate of Computer Science.
b. Possesses developed leadership, and to grow the professional ethics.

Possesses the ability to work and to continue education to the higher level after completing the sarjana program.

d. Capable of facing new situation in work based on independent fundamental principles, along with self confidence and a steady decision maker
e. Possesses motivation to be part of technology development and science intellectually, socially and culturally
f. Capable of solving problems by implementing computer science base principles and analytical mind to formulate problem, plan problem, simplify problem without having lost its specialties.

The coordination of the programs of the Gunadarma University as an effort to anticipate the devotee that increase gradually, especially in the field of Informatics and computer science and also Information System