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Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference, October 8-9, 2013  
Uzbek-Indonesian Joint International Conference On Economics And Management Toward Nation Character Development. Branch Of Russian Economic University After G.V.Plekhanov In Tashkent, Uzbekistan And ...

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Mechanical Engineering

Name of Laboratory


Industrial Engineering Faculty

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Engineering Laboratory.

Metallographical equipment

Optical microscope

Hardness test

Impact test

Foundry lab.

Melting furnace, capacity of 200 kg

Melting furnace, capacity of 40 kg

Melting furnace, capacity of 10 kg

Holding furnace, capacity of 10 kg

Mupple furnace

Ar gas

Steel cup dan drug

LPG burner

Mechatronic Lab.

1 set of pneumatic equipment

1 set of hydraulic equipment

2 set of PLC

1 set of temperature control

1 set of distribution station

1 set of sorting station

1 set of processing station

1 set of testing station

1 set of buffer station

1 set of handling station


40 units of computer, pentium III

25 units of computer, pentium IV

2 units of A0 plotter

1unit of CD ROM writer

1 unit of CD ROM

Licensed Autocad sofware

Licensed Catia software

Licensed Nastran software