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Empowering Yourself With Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Economics Gunadarma University was held seminar of entrepreneurship "Empowering Yourself with Entrepreneurship" on Tuesday, 25 March 2008. It took place in Auditorium Building 4 Floor 6 Campus of Depok University of Gunadarma. This Activity was one of the activity of cooperation program performed by Daily Indo Post in show road 7 University in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang and Cikarang Bekasi in March - April 2008, representing continuation of successfulness of seminar of entrepreneurship in 9 notable Local University of year 2007. University of Gunadarma is one of the 7 university becoming place of road Daily show of Indo Post, besides University of Atma Jaya, University of Trisakti, University of Pelita Harapan, President University, University of Tarumanegara and also University Mercu Buana. Besides, this event also supporting by sponsor, that is : Bank of Danamon, Smart and also MakarizoTM.

This seminar started at 09:00 WIB with early greeting of Chief Committee, Sudaryono, SE., MM. and continued from Daily Indo Post, Ave Rosa A. Djalil and also Purek IV University of Gunadarma, Dr. Didin Mukodim, MM.

Act as moderator at this event is Dr. Toto Sugiharto and filled by 3 speakers inging the following items : “Empowering Ourself Antara Peranan Pribadi dan Pemerintah”, by Dr. Aris Budi Setyawan ( Director of Program Diploma of III Business & Kewirausahaan, University of Gunadarma), “Berkenalan dengan Entrepreneur – Bakmi Langgara & Bakmi Tebet”, by Dr. Ir. H. Wahyu Saidi, MSc. (Alumnus of ITB & UNJ, Worker Noodle) and also “Motivator”, by Reza M. Syarief ( Owner Of Champion World of Training Old Motivation 24 Hour Non Stopping)

This seminar walk very attractive because all very speaker are competence in the field of each, which give items is supporting each other, and accompanied with motivator eathing life into businessman to all participants of seminar. Proven by the number of question and answer session to speaker. This hilarious seminar progressively with a give of quiz and door prize have prize handphone and also package of famous cosmetics.

Goals attendance of participant, that is 250 all participant people represent University academic person cavities of Gunadarma, was also reached. With detail 222 people participant of student from various study program especially study program of economic and 20 participant people

This seminar closed by Chief of committee, souvenir given to speaker and door price for participant.