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Lab. D3 Kebidanan

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Diploma 3 Midwifery

Basic Clinical Practice Competency (BCPC)

- 8 sets of opened-bed preparation kits

- 8 sets of closed bed preparation kits

- 8 sets of patient bathing kits

- 8 sets of hair washing kits

-8 sets of fingernail caring kits

-8 sets of instruments for environmental preservation

- 8 sets of instruments for physical examination

-8 sets of equipments for oxygenation

-8 sets of equipments for food serving

-8 sets of lice hair-cap applying kits

-8 sets of instruments for parenteral drug delivering

-8 sets of instruments for intravenous line setting

-8 sets of instruments for catheterization

-1 phantom of adult human body

-2 wheelchairs

-1 stretcher trolley


8 sets of instruments for pregnancy examinations

4 phantom models of childbirth

3 sets of instruments for normal labor

8 sets of perineal suture insertion tools

1set of instrument for forceps extraction

1 set of instrument for vacuum extraction

1 set of instrument for neonatal resuscitation

1 phantom model of childbirth mechanism

2 phantom models of pelvis bone


-15 microscopes

-1 refrigerator


- 8 sphigmomanometers

-8 reflex hammers

-8 pen-flashlights

Reproductive Biology

15 microscopes

1 set of microscopic slides on reproductive biology (10 pieces)


24 sets of test tubes (20 tubes each)

24 sets of test tube racks

24 sets of chemical beakers

24 sets of graduated cylinders

24 sets of Mohr pipettes

50 long pipettes

24 horn spoons

12 spirit lamps

2 burettes

1 electrical heater